A term is a single keyword or phrase occurring in your customer conversations, e.g. "cancel account". Prodsight will pick up on all variations of the term in your conversations automatically to make sure that all relevant mentions are captured.

Prodsight scans your conversations and discovers terms automatically so you don't have to think them up.

Topics are made up of one or more related terms and are a way to track mention volume, sentiment scores and conversation snippets related to a customer discussion topic in one place.

Prodsight automatically creates topics by grouping related terms.

Topic Group
Topic groups are a way of organising topics into higher-level themes. This is helpful for tracking how one are of the product/service compares to another in terms of sentiment and mention volume.

Prodsight automatically groups related topics together.

A mention is a single occurrence of a topic in your support conversations. Mention counters are useful for assessing the impact of a topic.

Conversation Excerpt
A conversation excerpt is a fragment of a conversation. Typically it consists of one or more mentions of topic terms.

Sentiment is a process of computationally identifying and categorizing opinions expressed in your conversations in order to determine whether the author's attitude is positive, negative, or neutral.

Sentiment scores are aggregated and displayed at a conversation excerpt, topic and topic group levels.

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