In Prodsight, Topics are made up of one or more related terms and are useful for tracking mention volumes, sentiment scores and conversation snippets related to a customer topic all in one place.

Automated topic creation

Prodsight automatically creates topics by grouping related terms. But people often use different phrasing to describe similar things. For example, the terms “delete photo” and “remove photo” might mean the same but are technically two distinct topics. To ensure that you catch all related topic mentions in a single report, we already automatically merge duplicate topics.

However, due to the subjective nature of human communication, automatic merges might not always merge topics that you would consider similar. Likewise, sometimes topics that are synonymous might not mean the same thing in the context of your company.

Merge duplicate topics

On the Dashboard, you can merge two or more related topics into one topic. Simply select topics you want to merge and click the Merge topics button.

Topics will be merged into the topic with the highest mention count and all the topic terms will be combined.

View topic terms

The first step in understanding what terms trigger topic results is inspecting topic terms. You can do so by opening any topic page and clicking on "# terms" link in the top right corner.

Remove terms

If you spot a term that you don't want to track in your support conversations, you can remove it from the topic by clicking Remove.

When a term is removed, it will stop contributing to the topic results in terms of mentions, sentiment or showing up in conversation excerpts.

Convert a term to a topic

If you spot a term that you want to track but as part of a separate topic you can convert it to a topic by clicking Convert to topic.

This will remove it from the current topic and create a separate topic with the selected term only.

Archive a topic

If you simply want to hide an entire topic from your topic list, you can archive it. Open a topic that you want to archive and in the top right corner click Archive.

This will remove the topic from your topic results but will not actually delete it.

View archived topics

You can view archived topics in the Topics page by following these steps:

  • Click Add filter
  • Choose "Topic status"
  • Select value "is Archived".

The topic list will filter to only show archived topics.

Unarchive a topic

You can unarchive a topic opening the topic page of an archived topic and clicking Unarchive in the top right corner.

We hope you found this guide useful in improving the accuracy of your conversation topics. If you have any questions or would like assistance in customising your topics, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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