Prodsight can extract, analyse and generate meaningful insights from your Intercom support conversation on your customer experience issues. 

Prodsight is a topic and sentiment analysis tool that allows customer success, support and product managers to:

  • Identify the most common customer experience issues
  • Understand exactly why those problems are occurring so you can design practical solutions to them.

Identifying customer experience issues 

For modern organisations, customer engagement and retention is the lifeblood of sustainable growth. That being said, it can be tough to access and understand the factors that influence these critical metrics. 

Commonly organisations analyse their Intercom conversations through manual tagging, but soon this process becomes too time-consuming and costly to maintain. With such costs, the analysis becomes more sporadic, and the insights ultimately, remain unreliable and unactionable. 

Prodsight solves this by automatically analysing every customer conversation on Intercom and producing a hierarchy of the most common ‘Topic Groups’ and a breakdown of more specific sub-topics. You can then delve into each sub-topic at a deeper level and understand how that problem emerges over time and what the sentiment of each sub-topic is. You, also, have the option to identify issues across your entire customer base or to utilise the user fields you have set up to examine the significant problems for important customer segments.

Understanding why customer experience issues are happening 

You may have a hunch as to what the issue might be and following the process outlined previously will allow you to test that. However, if you don’t understand the root problem, how can you begin to implement a solution?  

Prodsight can help with that too by enabling you to couple together different phrases that are mentioned along with the overall sub-topic. By experimenting with various phrases, you will see trends begin to emerge amongst similar phrases and ultimately drive to the heart of the issue as you analyse the full conversations where those phrases were mentioned in.  

If following your analysis, you want to test out your hunch as to why specific issues are happening; the ‘Search’ feature will come in handy. This enables you to search for keywords or phrases throughout your entire data bank of tickets. Prodsight will then produce a list of conversations that you can organise by positive or negative sentiment and again analyse the context of those conversations.

If you’d like to try out Prodsight and see what insights we can generate from your Intercom conversations, sign up for a free trial.

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