Prodsight already automatically detects and tracks topics in your customer conversations. However, sometimes you might want to track a particular topic that hasn't been automatically picked up. In these cases you can create a custom topic.

What are custom topics?

Custom topics are user-generated topics in Prodsight that help you track one or more Terms in customer conversations. Once created, they act like any topic in Prodsight in that they allow tracking mention volume, sentiment scores and collation of relevant mentions in one place.

Use cases for custom topics

  • Uncover new feature requests by tracking phrases such as "feature request", "feature idea", "feature suggestion";
  • Identify user education issues by tracking phrases such as "how do I", "way to", "can I";
  • Monitoring mentions of a particular feature such as "Shopify integration" or "Xero exports" to assess how users feel about it;
  • Collate all instances of user churn intent by tracking phrases such as "cancel subscription" and "delete account".

Creating a custom topic

Creating a custom topic is easy and it starts with a search.

  • Go to Search
  • Type in one or more phrases that you want to track
  • Click Save as topic
  • Give your topic a descriptive name
  • Choose a category (optional)
  • Click Save

Your new topic will appear in the Topic List view under a chosen category or under "Ungrouped" if you haven't selected a group.

Now you will be able to track all historic and future mentions of your topic on Prodsight.

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