Projects are a way of organising your topics to track high-level themes. Adding a project to a project will allow you to track the combined statistics of topics that belong to the same project.

For example, if you create a topic for each technical issue, you might want to assign all of them to a project "Bugs" so you can track the number of reported defects as a whole.

How to add a topic to a project?

You can add a topic to a project when creating or editing a topic.

  • Open a topic your want to add to a project
  • In the top right, click Edit Topic
  • Locate the Projects section
  • Start typing the name of the project. Existing projects that match your entry will start appearing but if it doesn't exist you can create a new one.
  • Confirm your selection by pressing Enter on your keyboard

Can a topic appear in multiple projects?

Yes, a topic can belong to multiple projects at the same time.

How can I view my projects?

You can view project statistics in two Prodsight views:

  • On the Dashboard as project summary
  • On the Topic Report in the project view.
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